Abbacchio has joined the kicking!!!

We are back now. Thank you for being patient. We are in June now which is this comic’s anniversary (June 17th)! I hope you have some fun with the events. There’s a lot of sad things happening lately so I hope I can coax a little smile out in the midst of these dark times.

As for the event you can just ask question wherever I can see it, so you can leave comment here or message me on social media or discord, doesn’t matter the avenue.

2 thoughts on “051 Priest and Altered Walks”

  1. JillOfTrades

    Priest: Did you ever get complaints from the government or police force in your area about bombing and gunning demons?

    Cellist: I think you try too hard and need to be kinder to yourself. You’re awesome just the way you are. And no, not pathetic or desperate. You have great musical talent that can soothe souls. You have people who hang out with you for just being you. You have so much potential!

  2. Tenko

    Cellist: How do you afford your medical bills?

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