Boys Outta Luck! is a fun slice-of-life/supernatural comic about a cheerful priest who “rescues” a depressed cellist from demons, and embarks on a seemingly difficult journey to become his friend! They struggle daily from their own stupidity, being sexually harassed by demons, and unresolved childhood trauma! Will these two fellas get to drink some sweet friendship juice? Or will they stay acquaintances forever???

The comic updates on Mondays! And sometimes on Thursdays? whenever I feel like it. It was started June 17th, 2019!


Bio image of Priest


A scarily cheerful clergy member who just wants to be your friend. Produces large guns from nowhere and politely exorcises evil spirits. Loves cute things, rigidly following schedules, and his BFF, Jesus Christ. Would like to be a house husband one day. A miracle he hasn't been deported back to Italy yet. Is this guy fucking with us? How is he that happy?

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Bio image of Cellist


A self-sabotaging musician who desperately tries to mask his flaws. Has trouble expressing his feelings and shows affection by teasing. He is as disgusting as he is pretty, and only abuses drugs that are LEGAL. Loves the outdoors, music and romance picking up bitches, getting laid and driving fast cars. Honestly this guy's a total fucking pathetic loser, don't even talk to him.

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Bio image of Succubus


A high-ranking demon from Hell. Impulsive and brash, she chases whatever her heart desires, including a certain priest. But other demons say she's unhappy.

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Bio image of Incubus


A high-ranking demon from Hell. He has an authoritative nature and loves to play elaborate tricks. He doesn't like being compared to Succubus and hates being looked down upon.

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Bio image of Father Stiles

Father Stiles

The stern director of Priest's church. His presence instantly converts any area to a no-fun zone and can send people to the Shadow Realm by just glancing in their general direction. He is physically the weakest of all three priests, but excels in consecrations.

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Bio image of Father Dieter

Father Dieter

A boisterous (and slightly morbid) demonologist who loves to have fun. He treats everyone like his grandkid, even people the same age as him. Geeks out over anything involving demons and is a big nerd.

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Bio image of Sister Gretchen

Sister Gretchen

A friendly lady who likes fine arts. She's a connoisseur of booze and if she's not drinking on the job, she's at least thinking about it. Can be a bit of a worrywart sometimes.

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Bio image of Sister Yvette

Sister Yvette

A gremlin who's probably written yaoi fanfiction of your favourite series. Self-centered and temperamental, she has no qualms with trying to recruit people into reading her smut, or roping her sisters into stupid ideas.

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Bio image of Sister Maria

Sister Maria

The oldest of the sisters, she is reserved and usually goes along with whatever schemes her sisters are planning. Tends to be the mediator.

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Bio image of Cellist's BFF

Cellist's BFF

A laid-back history teacher trying to get his PhD, and Cellist's only friend. Likes to give dating advice, but maybe it isn't always good advice.

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