067 Priest and Art Imitating Life

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Gretchen’s beautiful sketch was provided by B. MacBride – do check out their comic Gallico which is also about priests.

Yvette’s fanfiction (…is it fanfiction?) surely will become popular enough to be a book some day with Gretchen’s art!

There was an “OC bingo” thing I did a year or two ago and one of the bingo cards was “OCs that have OCs.” At that time I thought… man, I don’t think I would ever have such a thing, but now I can say that I do, haha…


2 thoughts on “067 Priest and Art Imitating Life”

  1. Jacks

    Gretchen is damn good!

  2. Zarmoth

    She didn’t draw the Deacon wearing a cassock though

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