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This page was an important milestone for me. Maybe it’s evident, but I’ve slowly been trying to increase Priest’s Huge-O-Meter from the beginning of the story. He has gotten wider little by little every comic, but even by the 100’s, I still felt like he didn’t match the image in my head, which was “a gigantic man who could break your neck if he wanted to but of course he would never do that because he wants to be your friend and buy cute things.”

I think I was too afraid to do it? I wasn’t so good at anatomy or gesture so for some reason my brain had a dam between the result I wanted vs. the thing I was drawing. Anyway, a friend sent me a manga with a character who was Basically Priest, and he was a giant happy bara, so it inspired me to go, Right! This is the image in my head. This giant man! He could fucking kill you but he is a softie!

So, since at that point I had been studying more, I felt more confident I could pull it off, I think, and I just. MADE HIM VERY WIDE. So yeah, I finally stopped wussing out and allowed Wide Priest to escape my head. He’s bara now 🙂 I’m finally happy and the gap from the image in my mind vs what I put on paper has decreased significantly.

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