This actually happened at a con this year. Some idiot had brought a knife and was nonchalantly flipping it in front of our booth (he looked exactly like the “edgy youth” stereotype). Unsurprisingly, he cut himself and left some blood on the floor. That was an experience…?? Kids these days…

Oh yeah, and at the same con, the booth across from me was selling some etched glass and someone’s really big cosplay smacked their display and caused some glass to smash into the floor. 😱

Also bonus points for anyone who knows what P-Dog I’m referencing πŸ˜›

I put a bonus comic about platforming on Webtoons in the extras page!

One thought on “035 Priest and Casual Conversation”

  1. Tenko β˜…β˜…β˜…

    I thought they have security checks for weapons when you enter. Don’t they?

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