040 Cellist and Bad Communication

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This is the first modern comic I’ve ever done so drawing people wearing real clothes and stuff is really weird and foreign to me. I have to make a mental note that real women carry purses around because I’ve just drawn fantasy people with 5000 pouches for my entire life HA HA HA skdfdklsfjsd;g

I legit have never created modern characters until recently………

Anyway thanks to everyone I saw at Anime Crossroads last weekend! y’all lovely 💖

2 thoughts on “040 Cellist and Bad Communication”

  1. Jacks

    ;-; I love…..this man……………CELLIST BBY I’M SORRY I’LL GO ON A DATE WITH YOU ;A;

  2. Zarmoth

    That’s what you get by stating on your profile that you eat ass

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