065 Cellist and Environmentally Unfriendly

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Thanks for being patient, we are back!

I’ve made a little changes to the site. As I’ve said in last update, I joined a webcomic ad network, so I would kindly ask if you could consider disabling your ad block on my site to show support for not only myself but other webcomic artists too.

And of course, if you see something you like, by all means check it out, spread the love! Being a webcomic artist is hard- especially since Project Wonderful shut down, which was a huge networking hub for fellow webcomic artists, and when it died it was much harder to network. So, let’s all support each other!

Next, I’m doing incentives for voting on Top Webcomics now, so please vote for us to see a cool secret thing! I’m really not joking when I say your vote actually matters! It truly is important and meaningful, even one vote makes a difference in the rankings. So I hope that you would vote, it only takes two clicks. The cooldown is 24 hours, of course, you don’t have to do such a thing, but I really would appreciate if you gave a vote my way!

I will be changing the incentives every update this month, so if you miss something it’s gone (unless you’re a patron, in which it ends up in my monthly Patreon dump). Please consider voting to see the exclusive thing!

Okay, phew lastly I’ll be updating twice a week this month to make up for nothing in September. I am going to leave the webtoons mirror two updates behind (so two weeks on a normal schedule).

2 thoughts on “065 Cellist and Environmentally Unfriendly”

  1. Jacks

    Awww…Priest touching Cellist :”D It makes me so happy to see even if he’s scared at the time!!! CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, PEOPLE!!!!!

  2. Zarmoth

    Penis insults!

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