072 Cellist and Vibrations in the Air

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I avoided drawing this comic for a whole month cause I didn’t want to draw the third panel but then when it really came down to it, it took way less time than I thought, ha.

I just really don’t like drawing clouds. For whatever reason no matter how many I draw, the shape I like can’t form from my hands.

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4 thoughts on “072 Cellist and Vibrations in the Air”

  1. keii4ii

    Relatable… It reminds me of how my old notes (the write-up that goes under the art/ comic page/ etc) make me cringe 10000x harder than the actual work itself.

  2. Jacks

    Ah, Cellist, that’s so beautiful :”D

    I seriously love the 3rd panel!! I would totally buy a print of it if one was available <3

  3. Zarmoth

    Cellist saying stuff similar to what, said by Priest, made him puke a bunch of strips earlier.

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